The purpose of your vehicle’s suspension is more than just providing you with a smooth & comfortable ride – it’s also & more importantly about  your safety. It’s about keeping your tyres in contact with the road – ensuring your brakes, steering & traction are effective.

The industry knows this as the Safety Triangle – stopping, steering and stability - which means your brakes, tyres and shock absorbers need to work together at maximum efficiency to ensure your vehicle performs safely.


Shock Absorbers ( or struts ) provide the friction needed to control & dampen the vehicle’s springs. Really they should be called "dampers," which would be a more accurate name, since the springs actually absorb road shocks, while shock absorbers dampen the spring action.


There are three types of spring -  Coil, Leaf &  Torsion Bar. Their function is to absorb the shocks  experienced whilst driving on  or off road.  It’s important that your springs are checked as part of a regular suspension check – also it”s  important that  the correct springs are fitted when it comes time to replace them. Springs are available in standard height, low & super low variations plus raised applications for 4x4’s.


Other important parts of your vehicles suspension are ball joints, tie rod ends and suspension bushes. It is important to have all the individual components of your suspension checked regularly.


One worn shock absorber can increase your vehicles stopping distance by up to 2.6 metres – this can make the difference between life & death in the event of an accident.

Watch out for the signs of worn suspension components:
• Uneven  tyre tread wear
• Shock absorbers start to leak oil
• Your vehicles nose dips forward when braking
• Your vehicle tends to handle badly around corners